Brett Gander was the owner of the company that I used to secure, design, and monitor my website when I owneed the Hometown Inn.  We recently sold the business.   I found Brett to be easy to work with, interested in my ideas, was timely in his responses, professional, and respectfully guided me in my decisions. He was motivated to do a good job and delivered well!

- Alana Gerszewski


"I am forwarding to you one of the emails I have received from friends and attorneys alike. The kudos go to you and your team. When I respond to the emails and phone calls, I directly credit you all. Thank you for your hard work!"

- Sue Swanson


"His design skills, coupled with a passion for creativity, often serve as an example that his

team members and peers aspire to achieve."

- Charles R. Riedhammer

I also, on several occasions, was the writer, director, and editor on tv and video commercials. For my efforts, I was nominated several times, in the design category, for the Addy, an American Advertising Award. In February 2011 I won the Silver Addy in the 30-second television spot category. Before that, I lived in Minneapolis and was the creative director for B&B Image Group from 2003 - 2009. While there I lead the drive for creativity, implemented brand guidelines, delegated work, shaped print strategies and design solutions for large format digital print and screen print process. I also took the initiative to help develop a safer work environment. In that time I worked with several ad agencies that included Campbell Mithun and Martin Williams to name a few. And with clients such as Gander Mountain, Old Country Buffet, and Hormel Foods.

In 1998 I started my career as a graphic designer with a small ad agency called HPI Marketing located near Minneapolis. In my six years there, I won numerous state and national awards in print design for both Minnesota (3) and Wisconsin (3) Newspaper Associations as well as the National Newspaper Association (2). I also spent time as a photographer and designer creating album covers for Pachyderm Recording Studio. A small but impressive recording studio that gave us such albums as The Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall, Live - Throwing Copper, Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union, and Nirvana - In Utero to name a few.

I have worked for advertising and design agencies for fifteen years. My name is Brett Gander, and like most, I have the creativity and experience your position requires. What sets me apart is a work ethic, unlike anything you've witnessed. Hailing from New York City, by way of Fargo, North Dakota and weighing in at 800 pounds of gorilla-like creative wisdom and backbreaking work ethic.

In February 2013 I started ZeroHour Design. I am a one-man band, a wearer of all the hats, a creative polyglot, so to speak. I am the creative director and designer, working on multiple platforms, in addition to being a published writer and photographer. I excel at creating brand assets and setting graphic standards. Some success I have had through rebranding and ad design resulted in increasing sales by 58% company-wide after only one quarter. After the second quarter, they saw a 300% increase in one department alone. For another client, through strategic advertising, I helped increase their Sunday sales by 75%. I am a strong visual designer with proven UI and UX design prowess utilizing wireframes, lo-fi and hi-fi mockups, prototypes and analytics. As a result, my client's combined website traffic has increased an average of 46%.

Starting in 2009, I worked four years at an advertising agency where I took the lead in brainstorm sessions for all areas of design. I was, from concept through creation, the senior graphic, UI, web, and animation designer.