If you can print it, I can design it. Print continues to be an important tool, especially when utilized properly. Through strategic print advertising, I helped increase one company's Sunday sales by 75%. I've won numerous State and National Awards (8) in print design. I've also had the pleasure of working as a photographer and designer of album covers for Pachyderm Recording Studio. A small but impressive recording studio that gave us such albums as The Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall, Live - Throwing Copper, Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union, and Nirvana - In Utero to name a few.

Sitting down, getting to know a company or business then taking that knowledge and turning it into a miniature work of art. It is one of the things I love most about design. I excel at creating brand assets and setting graphics standards. Some success I have had through branding and ad design resulted in increasing sales by 58% company-wide after only one quarter. After the second quarter, they saw a 300% increase in one department alone. Responsive logos may be the big thing in 2018, but I've been utilizing this concept for the past eight years.

Photography has always been a passion, and what better place to explore this medium than New York City! All that you see on this site, as well as most of my designs are my own original photos. Stay tuned for more! I recently just teamed up with the New York Yankees as a freelance photographer. Game photos coming soon.

No matter how advanced technology becomes, the ability to pick up a pencil or brush and let your imagination lead the way will always be a big part of what inspires me to do what I do. For me, it is the first building block in my design process. It also serves as a way to get the creative adrenaline flowing before each project.

Having started my design carrier far before the days of Creative Cloud, there has been vast amounts of knowledge I had to gain on the job. On this journey, I made it a point to dive into every aspect and medium of design. It is with this savage desire to do, and learn more, that allows me to say with confidence "There is nothing I can not do in the world of design." I am a strong visual designer with proven UI and UX design prowess, utilizing wireframes, lo-fi and hi-fi mockups, prototypes and analytics. As a result, my client's combined website traffic has increased an average of 46%.

As a creative polyglot, so to speak, I am fluent in all areas of design. As you can see, video and motion design are but just one of my outlets. From concept storyboards, script writing, directing, editing, as well as final production. This is one area I felt was important to have in my utility belt.

Landing        Print Design        Logo Design        Photography        Illustration        Digital Design        Video and Motion

Brett Gander was the owner of the company that I used to secure, design, and monitor my website when I owneed the Hometown Inn.  We recently sold the business.   I found Brett to be easy to work with, interested in my ideas, was timely in his responses, professional, and respectfully guided me in my decisions. He was motivated to do a good job and delivered well!

- Alana Gerszewski


"I am forwarding to you one of the emails I have received from friends and attorneys alike. The kudos go to you and your team. When I respond to the emails and phone calls, I directly credit you all. Thank you for your hard work!"

- Sue Swanson